His Last Days – Digital Streaming and Download

FILMED ON LOCATION amid the beauty and mystery of the Middle East we retrace the steps of Jesus from the banks of the Jordan River to the Sea of Galilee, as He calls His disciples to follow Him. We come to know these twelve men in a refreshing new way as we identify with their insecurities.

Their journey takes us through the streets of Jerusalem and down the original steps of the Temple. We relive the emotion of the Upper Room, loneliness and Gethsemane, jeers of the trial, and the pain of Golgotha.

Outside a garden tomb, typical of those in Jesus’ time, we join Dallas Holm and a group of believers as they reflect upon God’s perfect sacrifice.

Featuring the all-time classic “Rise Again,” the music and story come alive on the screen in the portrayal of Jesus as He walked in the balance between God and man.

The film’s universal appeal to children, teenagers, and adults alike reaches entire audience with a message of hope…a message of salvation as the lyrics to the closing song ask, “Will you follow Me? It is up to you. What will you do?”

The Parable Project – Physical DVD

The Parable Project is a series of object lesson teachings available on DVD. Each volume contains two object lessons or parables with a total run time of approximately two hours. Through the use of props, drama, humor and musical presentation each parable is as entertaining as it is profound. The Parable Project is one of the most powerful and unique projects Dallas Holm has ever created.