Food For Thought

As a child, I thought that was an odd saying… “food for thought.” When I thought of food I thought of my stomach, not my mind. I thought of being hungry, I thought of cheeseburgers. However, as I got older, I realized that my mind needed wholesome nourishment as well as and perhaps more than […]


Put on the helmet of salvationPut on the breastplate of righteousnessClothe your whole being in holy armorWorthy to stand the test We’re in the battle of the agesIn the Lord’s army there’s no retreatFighting against the powers of darknessFor us there is no defeat(It’s War/Change The World, 1985 Words and Music by Dallas Holm) In […]


I have watched the storm clouds gather on the horizon I have listened to the distant thunder rollI have felt a stronger current in the oceanI have felt a stronger current in my soulI have felt the earth tremble beneath my feetI have heard the breakers crash upon the shoreI have seen a stronger wind […]