The Christmas Story with Dallas Holm

The Christmas Story

We have in our family a Christmas tradition which has now endured for over sixty years. Our family has always chosen to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and all related joys of the Christmas season on Christmas Eve day. Some would argue that the “related joys” such as lights, presents, decorations, and all […]

Enlightened. Equipped. Engaged.

These are increasingly difficult and darkening days. There is an eternal rest for all true believers just ahead, but now, perhaps more than ever before, it’s time for every true Christian to “discern the times”, be serious about their calling and be enlightened, equipped and engaged.

Wolves Among the Sheep

Like the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, false teachers seem to be among us in an often discomforting close proximity. Under the guise of “ministry” they sneak in amongst the flock, having an outward appearance that’s rather sheep-like but underneath are ravenous predators seeking to devour both the weak and the strong.

We are in need of a shepherd to care for us and Jesus has said he is that Good Shepherd.